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EQ or Compress First?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but it is still an interesting topic to be explored. Click here. For the full article.


Musician Release Template

Release forms are imperative in making sure all parties involved in a project are aware of the legal implications required of them if they decide to participate. Here is an basic example of a Musician Release and Waiver form that will come in handy for all your future projects.


10 Things to Consider to Compete as a Recording Artist in the Digital Age

The digital age presents many challenges and opportunities for musicians and recording artists. Here are 10 thoughts compiled by Alby Odum and Jeff Jaskowiak instructors from the Digital Audio Recording Arts program (DARA)at the University of St. Francis that wrestle with this new reality. Please feel free to comment, rip or enhance these thoughts.


Performance Royalty Organizations

Publishers and songwriters should register with one of three PROs to receive royalties. – Register with soundexchange to receive Artist/Master royalties – copyright your music – acquire license legally for song uses