DARA Summer Camp Featured in the Herald News

Eleven teenage students passionate about music sat at their mac computers creating songs with digital instruments.

But the digital audio recording arts camp at the University of St. Francis is teaching students with a love of music more than just how to record.

Jeff Jaskowiak, director of the Digital Audio Recording Arts Program, and instructor Alby Odum are teaching them music composition and the language of professional digital audio recording.

“Students are benefiting from utilizing all the best tools and architecture in music for recording. I think exposure in high level music production is what they’re getting out of this camp,” Jaskowiak said.

High school and middle school students from around the area participated in the camp where they had full access to sound rooms and the professional digital audio software in the computers, which costs roughly $10,000, Jaskowiak estimated.

Seventeen-year-old Christian Schoon from Roscoe said the technology used during the camp has improved his skills and help him make a big decision about his future.

“I already had a strong basis, but I’ve never used Pro Tools before and I think they direct us with Pro Tools pretty well,” Schoon said. “I think it’s helped me decide on whether or not I want to go here, and I definitely do.”

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