Launching DARA’s Musician Technician Entrepreneur Podcast

Announcing the launch of DARA’s Musician Technician Entrepreneur Podcast!

We are excited to announce the launch of DARA’s Musician Technician Entrepreneur (MTE) Podcast! The MTE podcast interviews successful music industry professionals to explore the paths and habits of “making it” in the 21st century music industry and is brought to you by the Digital Audio Recording Arts Program at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL USA. 

Our most recent podcast was an interview with David Klotz, four time Emmy winning Music Editor for “Stranger Things” “Game Of Thrones” and “American Horror Story.” Check out our podcast with Klotz as he shares about his musical journey, his workflow, and the challenges and joy of being a music editor.  

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Additional Podcasts:

MTE 004 – Joe Filisko – Unraveling The Mysteries of The Harmonica

Joe Filisko reveals his love for American roots folk and blues music. He explains the mechanics of the harmonica in an in-depth description of reed design, adjusting, setting and tuning the diatonic harmonica and how this manifested in the Hohner Thunderbird Harmonica to which Joe contributed his expertise.

MTE Podcast 003 – Jim Richards & Jr. from RME Audio Video – Building a Successful Live Sound Company from the Ground Up

Jim Richards and Junior discuss building a successful live sound company from the ground up, mixing techniques, corporate gig etiquette, audio computer repair, and their journey to music industry success.

MTE Podcast 002 – Larry Ortega – MIDI and Thinking Like A Drummer

Larry Ortega is a gigging drummer who has toured the world, studio musician, drum instructor, MIDI software endorsed artist, composer and MIDI programmer extraordinaire from Chicago, IL USA. Larry shares his personal story of success and his approach and techniques on thinking like a drummer while programming MIDI.

MTE Podcast – 001 – Jeff Jaskowiak and Alby Odum – Hosts

In this first episode the MTE Podcast hosts, Jeff Jaskowiak and Alby Odum, introduce themselves and share personal stories and philosophies on being a successful musician in the 21st century and how they’ll continue to explore these ideas through interviewing successful guests that are musicians technicians and entrepreneurs.