Sirchimez’s New Single: Fly

Sirchimez Fly 2017

Sirchimez is a junior with a concentration in Recording Artist. His main instrument is vocals & guitar. 

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Here’s an the inside look at, “Fly,”  Sirchimez’s newest single:

When did you release Fly?
June 11th, 2017

What is the idea behind Fly?
This song is about finding a love so powerful that it makes you feel as though you are flying. In my case, that was God’s love for me.

Any insights about how you created this song? What inspired you? 
I was hoping to paint a picture of flying with the sounds I used, while maintaining a solid pop theme.

What do you hope people walk away from this song feeling?
I want people to walk away with the feeling of adrenaline and happiness at the same time. As I always say, I strive to, “Create a world in the listeners ears.”

Any upcoming releases or new projects?
I just released my debut album Arrival, which has an inspirational and gospel theme to it. Arrival was released under the name J.CONIK. The group consists of myself, my father and my brother (Jae Able | Instagram).

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Look for a new single and an EP from Sirchimez at the end of 2017

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